Drag Racing Association of Women

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DRAW's motto is "Fast Help For Fast Friends" and our sole mission is providing financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in a drag racing accident at a track.

Financial assistance paid 1985-2013 - $4,055,442
Number of families assisted 1985-2013 -  799

Financial Aid Statistics: 2013

Number of families assisted in 2013 - 18
During the month of May DRAW paid out $14,500 in aid, $5,000 in death benefits and helped 9 families
During the month of June DRAW paid out $8,500 in aid and helped 8 families
Everyone is invited to DRAW's Auction at the Texas Motorplex on September 20th!

Fans and racers are welcome to enjoy a special night for a special cause when the annual DRAW Auction takes place

on Saturday (September 20) beginning at 7 p.m. during the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals in Ennis, Texas.


The live auction will be held inside the Champion Club which is located next to the staging lanes.


The Drag Racing Association of Women provides assistance to drivers and crew members injured in a drag racing

accident at a racetrack.


Several of the biggest stars in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series regularly attend and bidding wars provide as

much entertainment as their contributions provide help for fellow racers.


The list of auction items range from artwork to collectables to racing parts and accessories is available on

www.drawonline.org or DRAW’s Facebook page.

For more information or to donate an item,

please contact:

Rosalee Noble


217 345-6537

Just added to the collection a Gary Ormsby 2 piece fire suit donated by his son!!!!!!

Auction items include:

Kenny Youngblood "Champions Flight II" lithograph signed by Youngblood, Gary Scelzi and Alan Johnson

Kenny Youngblood "In the Spotlight" lithograph signed by Youngblood and John Force

Kenny Youngblood "Force Power" lithograph signed by Youngblood and John Force

Kenny Youngblood lithograph of Wally Parks with three Wally Parks cards including one signed by Wally

Kenny Youngblood lithograph of Don Prodhomme exhibit at the Wally Parks Museum signed by Don

Jeff Caudle "He's back" lithograph signed by Big Daddy Don Garlits

Jeff Caudle "Big Daddy" lithograph signed by Big Daddy Don Garlits

David Carl Peters "First Christmas Tree" lithograph matted with cards signed by Buster Couch, Rick Stewart and Mark Lyle

Shirley Muldowney "Last Pass" lithograph signed by Shirley

Beautiful Tony Pedregon poster signed in gold by Tony

Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen movie poster, framed and matted with cards signed by the Snake and Mongoose

John Force racing team collage consisting of Eric Medlen personally signed handouts and cards signed by John Force, Robert Hight, Ashley Force, Courtney Force, Brittany Force, John Medlen, Bernie Fedderly, Austin Coil and Jimmy Prock

Angelle Sampey 2001 Winston bike #1 signed by Angelle

2002 Thunder Valley Nationals motorcycle signed in gold by Antron Brown

John Force 1999 Superman Funny Car signed by John

Courtney Force 2011 "Ice" Funny car signed by Courtney

John Force 2002 "100 wins" die cast Funny Car signed by John

2006 Harley #2 signed by Andrew Hines, Eddie Krawiec, Matt Hines, Terry Vance, Byron Hines and GT Tonglet

One of a kind Superman helmet which includes a Chip Foose autograph and dragster sketch, a Kenny Youngblood autograph and dragster sketch, autographs by legends Mario Andretti, Bob Frey, Don Garlits, John Force, Snake, Mongoose, TV Tommy Ivo, Jim Dunn, Gene Snow, Frank Manzo, David Rampy, Chris Karamesines and Brad Anderson

Full sized U.S. Flag helmet signed by 46 legends and current racers including Don Garlits, John Force, Jim Dunn, Gene Snow, Tony Schumacher and many more. Complete list is provided with helmet

NHRA Top Ten and Legends collage, cards signed by Wally Parks, Buster Couch, Steve Evans and Bob Frey

2001 U.S. Nationals dragster hauler beautifully signed by Big Daddy Don Garlits and Shirley Muldowney

Darrell Russell and Joe Amato framed and signed 8x10

Complete set of NHRA Press Pass cards, includes cards signed by Eric Medlen, Scott Kalitta, Bruce Allen, Frank Pedregon, Scott Weiss and G.T.Tonglet

Set of 100 signed driver, crew chief and team owner cards including many of the NHRA Top 50 multiple champions, crew chiefs and announcers

Scott Kalitta collage 8x10 signed by Scott and Connie Kalitta. Also includes cards signed by Jesse James, David Grubnic, Doug Kalitta and Glenn Mikres

Set of 3 John Force mini helmets signed by John Force, Austin Coil, Ashley Force, Mike Neff and John Medlen

Charlotte 4 wide photo from the Fall of 2009 Charlotte race, Funny Cars signed by John Force, Mike Neff, Tim Wilkerson and Del Worsham

This was the historic first 4 wide Funny Car run!!

Charlotte 4 wide photo from the Fall of 2009 Charlotte race, Top Fuel Dragsters signed by Brandon Bernstein, Spencer Massey, Antron Brown and Morgan Lucas. This was the historic first 4 wide Top Fuel Dragster run!!

Courtney Force framed, matted and signed ESPN Magazine

Antron Brown signed 11x14 of his massive explosion at the 2013 Winternationals (photo donated by Mark Rebilas)

John Force signed poster/lithograph by David Carl Peters

Chip Foose framed, matted and signed photo

Tony Pedregon huge explosion at the 2013 Winternationals signed by Tony (donated by Mark Rebilas)

Ron Capps signed 11x14 photo of Funny Car blowing up at the 2014 Winternationals

Ron Capps signed 2009 special edition Susan G. Komen Funny Car

Classic Moon Eyes die cast Funny Car signed by Big Jim Dunn

Frank Manzo Kendall Funny Car this is a special item to commemorate Frank's 100th win. It is signed by Frank and his crew, most of which have been together for virtually all 100 wins!

Linda Vaughn signed Chevrolet poster

Big's First Indy

Hollywood framed poster

Bob Glidden "Forever Champion" framed

14K Gold Christmas Tree Charm

1967-1991 Car Craft Magazine Yearbook & a complimentary pass for 2 to Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing

Plus there will be more stuff donated almost every day up to the start of the auction!

DRAW would like to thank all out members and friends that have graciously donated these items this year and all years past!


DRAW Pinewood Derby Race at Brainerd 
DRAW Newsletter Correction
 In the June/July mailed DRAW newsletter the story about Jim Dunn was placed in the "sympathy" section when it actually should have went in the "cares" section. DRAW sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this misplacement may have caused.

DRAW Seeks New Board of Trustees for 2015-2016

Would you like to be an important part of helping injured racers? Join the DRAW Board of Trustee and make a difference!

We are accepting applications for new Board members, especially for those with the following skills: legal, finance, management, administration, marketing,

and public relations.

Every year the Board of Trustees accepts nominations for six of its twelve positions. Trustees serve a two-year term. Board members do not have to attend all

the National events, but do need to be DRAW members. Please read our Trustee Fact Sheet to learn more about the role and responsibilities of a charity

trustee. If you are interested in joining our Board, please submit an application to:

Board applications must be received by September 25, 2014. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact rnoble@consolidated.net

DRAW Trustees - Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is to help you understand what a trustee is and does, and what you would need to do if you wanted to become a DRAW trustee.

What is a trustee?

The charity trustees are the people responsible, under the charity's governing document, for controlling the management

and administration ,of the charity.

Who can be a trustee?

Almost anyone can be a trustee if they are over 18 years old, and free from criminal convictions. There are several other conditions including that you cannot

be a trustee if you are party in an un-discharged bankruptcy or have been removed

from trusteeship in the past.

Who appoints trustees?

DRAW trustees are nominated by the standing Board of Trustees, the general membership, or themselves and elected

by a vote of the general membership.

What skills are needed to be a trustee?

DRAW trustees need to be prepared to take an active part in the running of the charity and therefore need to be able – and willing - to give time to the efficient administration of the charity and the fulfillment of its trusts. The kinds of skills which are needed in the

DRAW Board of Trustees include: legal, finance, management, administration, marketing, and public relations.

What qualifications do I need?

There are no particular qualifications or experience needed to be a DRAW trustee. However there are a number of

personal qualities you should have:

"A commitment to DRAW and a passion for its work

"Willingness and the ability to devote the necessary time and effort

"Honesty and integrity

"The ability and judgment to make decisions

"The vision to take a long term view and plan for the future of DRAW

"A willingness to contribute but also to listen to the views of others

"An ability to work as part of a team

"An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of

being a trustee

"A willingness to be involved in work beyond trustee meetings, eg. Committee or

working groups

What sort of time commitment does it take to be a DRAW trustee?

"Attend three face to face board meetings

"Actively participate on two committees

"Actively participate in the decision process

"Represent the organization in matters related to the execution of the trust

What are a DRAW trustee's responsibilities?

Trustees are required to act reasonably and prudently in all matters relating to DRAW,

and need always to bear in mind that their prime concern is the interests of the

charity. They cannot let their personal views or prejudices affect their conduct as

trustees. They need to exercise an appropriate degree of care in dealing with the administration of the charity. Trustees are also responsible for setting the

strategic aims, objectives, and direction of the charity. The identification of risks arising from activities undertaken and the management of identified risks are important elements in helping to ensure the strategic aims and objectives of the charity are achieved. Trustees are responsible for ensuring that any fundraising activity carried out by or on behalf of their charity is properly undertaken, and that all funds collected are properly accounted for.

What is my liability if I am a trustee?

If trustees act prudently, lawfully, and in accordance with their governing, document then any liabilities they incur as trustees can be met out of the charity's

resources. But if they act otherwise they may be in breach of trust and personally responsible for liabilities incurred by or on behalf of the charity, or for making

good any loss to the charity. Since trustees are acting collectively in administering a charity, they will usually be responsible collectively (the legal term is "jointly

and severally") to meet any liability to a third party, which has been incurred by them or on their behalf.

How long do I have to be a trustee for?

DRAW is looking for committed people to be involved and accept the role of Trustee. DRAW Trustees are elected to serve a two-year term. Trustees can be

elected to serve unlimited consecutive terms.

Will I get paid?

No, the DRAW trustee positions are voluntary and the trustees should not be benefiting from the organization that they are running. However, DRAW trustees

are compensated for travel to required Board meetings at the rate of $1,500.00 per year.

I am interested in becoming a DRAW Trustee, what do I do now?

Obtain a Board of Trustees application from the DRAWing Attention Newsletter, or you can download it from the drawonline.org website www.drawonline.org

send the completed application to the address indicated by September 25, 2014.,


Drag Racing Association of Women –DRAW Board of Trustees Application 2014

(Please submit the following information to DRAW, CO Rosalee Noble – 4 Hance Drive, Charleston, Il 61920 or rnoble@consolidated.net



City: ___________________________________State: ___________ Zip: _________

Phone: ________________________Fax: _____________________________


Accomplishments you would like to share (personal, community, job, family, DRAW, etc.) ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Current or most recent employment (optional) _________________________________



Job Description (optional) _________________________________________________



Racing Affiliation, if any ___________________________________________________



DRAW position(s) held ___________________________________________________



Time donated to DRAW or other volunteer activities ____________________________



NHRA and/or IHRA National events you attended in 2013 and 2014 _______________



Other information you would like us to know




Summit Racing Equipment
Nationals Sunday Morning
Track Walk
DRAW Die Cast Arama on Ebay!!!!
DRAW has received a generous donation of die cast collectibles that we will start listing on Ebay here shortly. Over 100+ die casts that includes some rare and hard to find 35 Whit Bazemore cars, 11 Jim Epler cars, a few Gary Scelzi cars, Frank Pedregon cars, some off brand dragsters and funny cars. Along with a few off name cars there is a very large assortment of Custom Crew Collectible and Kustom City Collectible cars (look like high end Hot Wheels) that will be sold individually and in sets. Some of these cars are brand new in the box, some have been displayed, some boxes are scuffed up and some cars have no box. 
If you are a collector and might be looking for a certain car please email harbone66@gmail.com to see if we have what you are looking for. Follow this link to DRAW's Ebay page to see the listings http://www.ebay.com/sch/drawfasthelp/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1
These items will be listed in the next couple of days and will be added weekly over the next couple of months.
Patricia Garlits 1934-2014
GARLITS, Patricia Louise Bieger, wife of Legendary Drag Racer, "Big Daddy" Don Garlits for nearly 61 years left this world and went over to the other side to spend eternity with Jesus Christ on February 2, 2014, at 5:53 PM. Patricia was born March 27th, 1934 in Covington, Kentucky, to Richard and Vivian Bieger. She had been suffering for many years, from a terminal disease. She passed away quietly at home with her husband, two Daughters, GayLyn Capitano and Donna Garlits, her sister Sharon Keppel and granddaughter Anna Capitano at her side, along with her two little Yorkshire Terriers, Bonnie and Belle. We had Glenn Miller playing in the background, as that was her favorite "Big Band". Patricia is survived by her husband; Donald Glenn Garlits, two Daughters; GayLyn Capitano and Donna Louise Garlits, her Son-in-Law; Gregory Ernest Capitano, her five Grandchildren; Kirsten Capitano Watley, Rodney Donald Garlits, Sarah Lyn Smith, Benjamin Gregory Capitano, and Anna Elizabeth Capitano, one Great-Grandchild; Braden Alexander-James Garlits, a Sister; Sharon Faye Keppel, a Nephew; Charles Joseph Keppel Jr. and a Niece; Sandra Lee Toner, a brother-in-law; Edward Lawrence Garlits and Nephews; Edward Lawrence Garlits Jr. and William Dale Garlits, as well as great-nieces, great-nephews and cousins.
Pat was one of the Founders of DRAW. Cards may be sent to the family at the following address: Don Garlits, Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing, Inc., 13700 SW 16th Ave, Ocala, FL 34473.

Make sure to visit the DRAW Booth at every NHRA National Event this 2014 season!

2014 marks the 28th.year that DRAW (Drag Racing Association of Women) Booth has been a part of NHRA National Events, in its quest to raise money to provide financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in drag racing accidents at a track. In 1986 it started out as a Snow Cone Booth.  It was a very small booth that was put together with PVC Pipes.  It was only opened when someone was available to operate it. 
T-Shirts with the DRAW Logo on it and raffle tickets for a trip to Hawaii (donated by Hawaiian Punch) were the only things sold out of the booth. 
In the late 80’s we moved to a pop-up tent and added other things to our merchandise. We would try to open the booth late Friday and then have it open on Saturday and Sunday. We tried to have it open every race, but if members were not available to work... 

In the 90’s additional items were introduced for sale and the booth was moved from a pop up tent, to operate from a trailer on manufacturers midway.  In 1992, John Raffa approached us about sell sterling silver automotive jewelry. This has turned out to be very popular item.  In the early 90’s NHRA approached DRAW to sell qualifying and ladder sheets to the sportsmen racers and fans.  In order to do that, we had to commit to having the booth open the day the sportsmen racers ran their qualifying rounds meaning the booth was open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For a few years, different people would keep the booth open at different events, but it started to become harder and harder to find someone available every day, all day, every event. In 1998 Terry & Rosalee Noble had both retired and volunteered to become the permanent workers at the DRAW Booth for all of the NHRA National Events.  At the couple North East, Pat Shaeffer volunteered to run the National Booth.

As the 2014 NHRA Mello Yellow Drag Racing Season begins, the DRAW Booth will can once again be found amongst the many contingency and marketing sponsors located on the midway in the pits.  The DRAW Booth will once again be sharing space on Kip Rhoton’s (KJR Motorsports) rig with companies such as K&N Filters, Lincoln Electric and several other contingency sponsors.

 So if you are at one the 24 NHRA Mello Yellow Drag Racing National Events please stop by the DRAW Booth.  See what it has to offer.  DRAW always enjoys visiting with-well just about everyone. 
See you at the track….

The History Lesson by Deb Thompson
The year is 2005. DRAW is 20 years old! What a milestone we reached. It is hard to believe that next year in 2015 we will celebrate 30 years. We are a success story for sure. From 1985 through 2004, DRAW had provided $2,488,557.00 to injured racers. The Hartman Motorsports Team displayed the 20th Anniversary DRAW logo on the sides of their TF dragster driven by John Smith during the Gatornationals. John wanted to help bring more awareness of DRAW after DRAW had supported him after sustaining injuries in 2001. The annual auction was held in Joliet in June. Rosalee Noble, our Fundraising chairperson, added a little note regarding auctions that still holds true: If in doubt, don’t throw it out. Give it to DRAW for the auctions. As mentioned in previous articles, DRAW honors those individuals and organizations that give so generously to DRAW in many capacities. The 2005 Person of the Year went to Alan Reinhart as one of our most vocal spokespersons and entertainment for our live auctions, and the DRAW Company of the Year went to Hartman Motorsports for their ongoing dedication and commitment to the mission of DRAW. As DRAW celebrated its 20th anniversary, a new bear was added to our bear collection. There was the original WARD bear (DRAW spelled backwards), handmade by Minerva Evans to be presented to an injured racer when an accident occurred. In 2000, the second generation WARD bear was introduced as Minerva relinquished her sewing duties when her husband was critically injured in a race accident. Then in 2005, WARD’s cousin, ReWARD Bear was introduced, available to anyone for a specified donation to DRAW; thus the name, ReWARD, given as a reward for helping DRAW provide “Fast Help For Fast Friends.” In looking forward to DRAW’s 30th birthday, let’s all help in some way to continue to provide that    “Fast Help For Fast Friends.”
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                    Some E-Mail Addresses Lost

Due to a computer malfunction early this year, some email addresses were lost. The e-mails that were effected the most were those with membership numbers from 9800 on. Some were backed up but some were not and are gone. Look at the front of your newsletter to see your Membership Number is printed on the label with your name and
also see if your E-Mail address is correct. I believe that all Memberships have been fixed in the computer but there was no E-Mail Data for a lot of the latest membership from 9800 on. If you would like to have the E-Mail version of the newsletter only and get this by mail just E-Mail Olan Gotcher at olan@jographix.com and put your Name, E-Mail Address and say E-Mail only and I will get it taken care of.
Sorry for the inconvenience but sometime there is no other means of getting information back. I have instituted a new backup procedure to correct this problem in the future.

Olan Gotcher
DRAW Membership Secretary

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Committee and Volunteer Opportunities for 2014
In 2014, DRAW will mark its 29th year of providing "Fast Help for Fast Friends." It takes the time and talent of many people to make our mission a reality. There are many ways you can help make 2013 DRAW's best year ever.

DRAW's lifeblood is dedicated volunteers. You can make a valuable contribution to DRAW by joining one of our committees: Website, Newsletter, Membership, Fundraising, Injured Racer Calling, and others that might arise during the year. If you are interested in volunteering or joining one of DRAW's committees, please submit an
application to Rosalee Noble, 4 Hance Dr., Charleston Ill. 61920 Email: rnoble@consolidated.com